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10 Nov 2018

Turkey Trot Mini Challenge-Sponsored by Heathcote Botanical Gardens


Register Now to Turkey Trot with Healthy St. Lucie!

Join us as we move through the Turkey Trot Adventure and learn the ins and outs of staying healthy during the holidays. As you walk along, milestones serve as markers for your progress. When you reach a milestone, you will receive an email with helpful hints. This challenge runs from November 15-28, 2018.


While this is an individual challenge, all steps earned will be automatically added to your team and the overall Billion Steps Challenge. There are four versions of this challenge to choose from this time, based on your current average activity level. For those who are averaging over 25,000 steps per day, join the NEW Elite Challenge!

Select the version below that you think fits your activity level. Registrations will be reviewed and participants with averages higher than the version registered for will be removed and encouraged to join the appropriate versions based on monthly average. Remember the goal is to motivate yourself to MOVE MORE!

HOP – This version has been set for participants who want to work on the goal of reaching 5,000 steps per day, through walking and/or other activities. Maybe you aren’t active on a regular basis or have had events that interfered with your commitment and you are looking for some motivation to get back in the game? The “HOP” is the perfect challenge level for you.

Click HERE to join the HOP version!


DASH – If you have been logging regularly and you are near or over 10,000 steps per day but looking for little push to stay consistent, then the “DASH” is right for you. While 10,000 is set as a minimum daily average, don’t let that limit you if you have higher aspirations!!

Click HERE to join the DASH version!


ULTRA – For those competitors looking to average 20,000 steps per day, the “ULTRA” will be your race!

Click HERE to join the ULTRA version!


ELITE – Yes, unicorns do exist!  This version is for competitors wanting to average 35,000 steps. Keep it up and reach for more by joining your peers in the “ELITE” group.

Click HERE to join the ELITE version!

It is so hard to believe, but there are only 52 days left to reach our goal of ONE BILLION STEPS. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to sign up and encourage them to MOVE MORE by signing up for this challenge.  We will be moving seamlessly into 2019 with a new community goal, so registering now is a perfect way to make a commitment to health in the coming year!

Our sponsor, Heathcote Botanical Gardens has some prizes for the winners of each of the races.  Save the date for their annual Garden of Lights on Friday and Saturday nights, from 5:30 – 9:00 pm starting November 23!  Click HERE to learn more about Heathcote Botanical Gardens and their schedule of events.


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