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18 Jul 2021

Let’s Get Moving St. Lucie!


Register Now for the Around the Mediterranean 10-Day Challenge!

Here is your chance to get familiar with ancient Mediterranean mythology and history. Visit sites that were erected in honor of the Gods, Goddesses, and royalty of their time and be prepared to be amazed. It is quite impressive the things that were accomplished in ancient times and though some of them are in ruins they’re still awe-inspiring. By the end of this challenge you’ll practically be a professor of Mediterranean history and if you work hard you may even end up looking like a God or Goddess in the end as well! This challenge is brought to you by Humana and runs from July 27-August 5, 2021.

Four versions of this challenge are offered to motivate everyone to move more. Click on the best version of the mini challenge below that matches your current average activity level. While this is an individual challenge, all steps earned will be automatically added to your team total, if you are on one.

Please remember to only count your steps once! If you are wearing a device that captures your steps – don’t enter a separate activity unless you have taken off your device during that activity. 


HOP – This version has been set for participants who want to work on the goal of reaching 5,000 steps per day, through walking and/or other activities. Maybe you aren’t active on a regular basis or have had events that interfered with your commitment and you are looking for some motivation to get back in the game? The “HOP” is the perfect challenge level for you.

Click HERE to join the HOP version!


DASH – If you have been logging regularly and you are near 10,000 steps per day but looking for little push to stay consistent, then the “DASH” is right for you. While 10,000 steps per day is the goal, don’t let that limit you if you have higher aspirations!!

Click HERE to join the DASH version!


ULTRA – For those competitors looking to average of 15,000 steps per day, the “ULTRA” will be your race!

Click HERE to join the ULTRA version!

Winners will be announced and celebrated during the virtual Healthy St. Lucie Meeting on August 12, 2021.  Virtual meeting information will be sent later. Certificates and prizes will be mailed to the winners!