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18 Jun 2020

Worksite Wellbeing Council Book Club


The Worksite Wellbeing Council of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches invites you to join our book club! Each season (summer, fall, winter, spring) will highlight a different health and wellness theme and a book will be selected. During that season, interested members will be responsible for reading the selected title. Worksite Wellbeing will then host a discussion session for members to talk about the book. 

Benefits include:

  • A local resource guide will be compiled on each season’s theme. Worksite Wellbeing Council Members may share information about their services on this guide if they directly connect to that season’s theme. 
  • Discussion guides will be provided to all members on the selected book which could then be customized if members choose to read the book again with their own team.
  • Free to participate! Members must obtain their own copy of the selected book each season, but local libraries may have copies that you may utilize to help minimize this burden. 

The first virtual discussion date will be Friday, July 24 at 12pm

Register now:

The theme for this summer season is mental health. The title of the first book selection will be announced on June 23 via email and the WWC Facebook page ( If you would like to help decide what the next book will be, register by June 22 to cast your vote. 

The book options for this season’s mental health theme include:

Hidden Valley Road

Little Panic

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Everything Here is Beautiful

Gorilla and the Bird

We look forward to reading and discussing the book and topic with you soon! 

Best wishes,

Worksite Wellbeing Council 

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