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15 Oct 2020

The Art of Healthy Living Webinar Series

We are excited about our fall webinar series, The Art of Healthy Living.  This series is brought to you by Humana and Primary Care Associates.  The schedule of topics, as well as dates and times, are listed below.  You can access the presentation through the webinar link or phone number provided at the bottom of the flyer. And, if you miss one, you can check out the available presentation recordings below.  Just click on the image of the presentation you want to view.  Enjoy!

Join Stephen O’Neal from Humana to learn more about organic foods, including what ‘organic’ actually means, which organic foods to focus on, and buying tips. Just click on the image below to access the recorded presentation.

Dr. Bizanti from Primary Care Associates explores the movement of clean eating and how to ditch processed foods. Just click on the image below to access a recording of this presentation.

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