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17 Jul 2018

Summer Mini Challenge-National Parks



Are your ready to step up your game?

We are turning up the heat this summer with two special mini challenges sure to increase your daily step count. Our first virtual adventure, sponsored by Martin Health System, will be to some beautiful National Parks, from July 18-July 31, 2018. Join us for the next two weeks as we take in all the sights and sounds from Glacier National Park to our very own, Everglades National Park. 

While this is an individucal challenge, all steps earned will be automatically added to your team and the overall Billion Steps Challenge. There are two versions of this National Park challenge to choose from, based on your current activity level. So, review the options below and choose wisely!

National Park “Hop” – If you aren’t active on a regular basis or maybe have fallen off our Billion Step Challenge wagon and you are looking for some motivation to get back in the game, then the National Park “HOP” is the perfect challenge level for you.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither will being able to meet 10,000 steps per day if you are just starting out. So, the National Park HOP has been set for participants who want to work on reaching 5,000 steps per day, through walking and/or other activities. 

Click HERE to join the National Park HOP!

National Park “Dash” – If you have been logging regularly and you are near or over 10,000 steps per day but looking for little push, then the National Park “DASH” is right for you. While 10,000 is set as a minimum daily average, don’t let that limit you if you have higher aspirations!!

Click HERE to join the National Park DASH!

Let’s have some fun with this!  Find some friends and family that have not signed up for the Billion Steps Challenge yet, get them to register and then join us in this special mini challenge.

Our sponsor, Martin Health System, has some prizes for the winner of the HOP and the DASH.  So get ready to kick it up on Wednesday, July 18th!

Happy Trails!


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