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1 Jul 2015

Healthy St. Lucie Featured in 2015 St. Lucie County Public Health Report

Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County has recently launched 2015 Annual Public Health Report. The four pages annual report insert ­Public Health Is Raising The Bar in St. Lucie County – will distribute to the local community through Scripps Newspaper. View Annual Report.

Recent data from County Health Ranking, showed St. Lucie County is ranked 26 of the 67 counties in the State of Florida and has been in those lower figures over the years. Florida Health Department in St. Lucie County, sought out our marketing services to develop new logo and website highlighting programs on fitness, weight loss, and wellness for employees, students and residents in the county. The branding campaign website will be accessible for desktop and mobile users.

Healthy St. Lucie ­ is a community driven initiative to assess, plan, and promote wellness in the community. With goals to reduce the county¹s statewide public health ranking and improve the health of its citizens through community workshops.

The campaign has already kicked off workshops under the direction of Donna Harris, the Health Education Specialist for the Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County.  She coordinates workshops on fitness, diet, and overall wellness for all ages. Harris has a Master¹s degree in Health Promotion from Mississippi State University and is a Master Certified Education Specialist, practicing Health Education for more than 15 years.


Healthy St Lucie Logo_sm

Comet Media Group, a long-time Addy-Awards marketing agency working with Florida Health Department in St. Lucie County, created and developed Healthy St. Lucie brand campaign and responsive website, with the goal to provide marketing tools to help communicate the message ­ of a Healthier St. Lucie County as well as to provide access to improve the health of its citizens through community workshops.

We are pleased to participate in another stellar project for Florida Health Department in St. Lucie County marketing campaign and look forward to working with Donna Harris with Healthy St. Lucie and other directors from St. Lucie Health department.

Current classes are on Living Healthy with Chronic Diseases, such as diabetes, heart, HUV/AIDS and Managing Your Health, with programs for adults, Safe Kids, Teen Zone and more groups.  These programs are provided at no cost. To learn more call: (772)785-6184


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